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Feb 28, 2022

Sustainable Metal Forming For The Lighting Industry

Why sustainable manufacturing makes sense for the lighting industry

FluidForming is an ideal sustainable metal forming solution for the lighting industry. We can manufacture lighting fixtures, architectural lighting fixtures, custom light fixtures, or small-production-run fixtures for high-end homes and businesses.

A sustainable metal forming process for lighting design flexibility

The FluidForming metal forming process offers unbeatable flexibility for lighting designers and product developers. Thanks to finite element analysis and our super-rapid prototyping capabilities, it’s easy to sustainably FluidForm custom light fixtures, reflectors, light guide plates, light control diffusers, enclosures and more. Form with a range of metals for lighting components lightweight, highly reflective, and durable. 

Thanks to ultra-high forming pressures, perforations, advanced geometries and complex shapes can be readily achieved. From a design perspective, this means that the path of light can be directed up, down, diagonally, or laterally. From a sustainable lens, high accuracy means significantly less waste as non-conforming parts are a thing of the past.

Our sustainable metal forming process also helps the lighting industry achieve maximum reflectivity, enabling the use of lower watt bulbs!

Water as the forming force for the lighting industry

Unlike other hydroforming processes, FluidForming is a self-contained process that uses recyclable water (not hydraulic fluid) as the forming force. Also unlike most traditional metal forming processes, FluidForming is a low-energy process — which means not only are lighting manufacturers reducing their carbon footprint, but they’re also saving big on their energy bills.

Our metal forming process is compatible with pre-finished, patterned, and painted surfaces, minimizing the need for environmentally harmful post-fixturing processes.

To learn more about FluidForming or our FormBalancer metal forming presses, contact FluidForming Americas at (800) 497-3545 or email us at