Hydroforming Reinvented

Innovative and Elegant
A cost-effective metal forming technology employing water.

What Is FluidForming

Our environmentally-friendly process is an ideal metal forming solution for a wide range of industries including the appliance, automotive, aerospace, and medical markets.

Principles of FluidForming

Like conventional hydroforming or sheet metal stamping, FluidForming is a way of deforming ductile and malleable metal sheets or tubes into lightweight and durable parts or components.

Advantages Of FluidForming

From the production of detailed components to the flexibility that our universal sheet metal and tube forming machine offers, our technology streamlines production and lowers costs.

FluidForming: Hydroforming & Metal Forming for the 21st Century

The Technology

Sheet Metal Forming

FluidForming can reliably produce complex geometric shapes, undercuts, organic forms, deep drawn parts, or components with curves which may wrinkle during a traditional die stamping process.

Rapid Prototyping

Enjoy flexibility in prototyping with FluidForming. Move seamlessly from idea to concept to CAD. Iterate as you work, optimize as necessary, and begin production immediately!

Tube Forming

Thanks to the unique design of the FormBalancer, tube material can be force-fed into the die cavity, essentially “adding” material to the formed part which increases wall thickness and strength.

Technology Reinvented

Discover the benefits of the patented hydroforming technology from FluidForming Americas.

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