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formbalancer machine

FluidForming is the most precise, repeatable, and accurate sheet metal forming process available. FormBalancers are a low-cost option for prototyping and low- to medium volume parts production. FluidForming Americas has the experience, institutional wisdom, and resources to help customers with production, product feasibility analyses, project management, and more.

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Benefits of FluidForming:
Hydroforming for the 21st century.

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Accuracy & Repeatability

FluidForming’s 99.996% first pass yield rate is the highest in the sheet metal forming and hydroforming industry.
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Low Tooling Costs

Cut tooling costs by up to 90%! Our process uses a single die from prototyping through production and can accommodate nested and 3D-printed tooling.
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Complex Part Formation

Thanks to the highest forming pressure in the industry, our bladder-free technology produces complex parts with tight tolerances.
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Rapid Prototyping

Enjoy faster lead times with flexible tooling options and quick tool setup and cycle times. Move from design to production in days.
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Blemish-Free Parts

FluidForming manufactures parts that are free from scratches and galling. You can even use prefinished and textured materials!
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Lower Costs

Reduce time-to-market, shorten product development cycles, lower tooling costs, and minimize scrap and secondary operations.

FluidForming FormBalancers

3-in-1 sheet metal hydroforming forming metal presses.

Enjoy versatility in metal forming with precision sheet metal forming.

Deep draw sheet metal forming
Fluid cell sheet metal forming
Optional bladder-based hydroforming

Ready for better, faster, smarter metal forming?

We’ll work with you to manufacture highly precise components, on-time and on-budget. Customized FormBalancers are also available for purchase.

FluidForming Americas, Inc. is a member of the Precision Metal Forming Association and is AS9100 Rev D, ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Metal Forming Services

Experience, expertise, & equipment to get the job done right.

FluidForming Americas offers manufacturers the most precise, repeatable, and accurate sheet metal forming process available.

FormBalancers are FluidForming’s versatile sheet metal and tube forming machines. Our customizable fluid cell/deep draw presses use water as the forming force and can achieve forming pressures up to 4,000 bar (60,000 psi). Designed for prototyping and low- to medium-volume parts production, FluidForming enables innovation.

Industries served by FluidForming:

We provide best-in-class metal forming services for industries that rely on fluid cell and deep draw hydroforming.

FluidForming just does it better. We’ve made parts and built presses for leading aerospace, automotive, appliance, medical equipment manufacturers, and more.