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Project Management

From concept to complete.

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At FluidForming Americas, our goal is to help our customers achieve the highest levels of success. We accomplish this by always keeping your goals in our sights. Our project management process is flexible enough to complete every step in-house or to carefully manage our trusted off-site partners on your behalf.

Once a project receives the green light, you’ll enjoy a dedicated team of engineers and business services professionals who will guide your project from start to finish.

Bottom line: we’re well-positioned to achieve your quality, timeline, and budget requirements.

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Our process flow

for better, faster, smarter prototyping.
Step 1

Value Engineering

  • 3D Concept Drawing
  • Client Discussions
  • Part Design & Simulation
  • Part Refinement & Optimization
  • Part & Tool Drawing
  • Release
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Step 2


  • Material Order
  • Programming & Setup
  • Cut
  • Polish
  • Delivery
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Step 3

Developing & Iteration

  • Tool Installation
  • Setup
  • Programming & Blank Verification
  • Sample Part Production
  • Part Approval
  • Tool Hardening
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Step 4


  • Order Receipt
  • Material Ordering
  • Production Scheduling
  • Machine Setup
  • Quality Control
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Step 5


  • Professionally Packaged
  • Timely
  • Tracking & Insurance
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