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Solor Power, Renewable Energy, & Sustainable Manufacturing: A Natural Fit

A new manufacturing process for a new era.

FluidForming is an inherently green metal forming technology. This new sheet metal forming process helps preserve the environment, which makes it the perfect partner for the renewable energy industry.

FluidForming Americas is proud to support the growing alternative and green energy industry sector by sustainably producing high-quality components and equipment. Our components can be used in solar, steam, wind, nuclear, geothermal, and hydro applications. We can also produce electric vehicle (EV) battery components, fuel cells, microchannel heat exchangers, and other high-efficiency heat exchangers.

Sustainable manufacturing is the wave of the future.
modern windmill

Recycling as a critical part of the metal forming process.

No other metal forming process can make that claim! Using recycled tap water as the forming fluid and force, our universal sheet metal and tube forming machine (the FormBalancer) is a force-contained structure that permits extremely high forming pressures of up to 4,000 bar (60,000 psi) and is capable of forming metal to exacting tolerances.

With up to 4x the pressure used by traditional hydroforming devices, highly complex alternative energy components can be formed using reflective, state-of-the-art alloys and pre-finished materials.

Advanced geometry, organic, and other complex shapes can be readily achieved. And nested tooling capabilities allow for the production of several individual parts in a single form. FluidForming uses less material, weighs less, and contributes to a lower overall component cost.

Minimize your impact with environmentally friendly metal forming.

Top-quality parts for a growing green energy industry.

With a 99.996% first pass yield rate, FluidForming offers the quality, accuracy, and repeatability that the alternative energy sector can rely on.

Because only one surface of the sheet metal is subjected to the highly pressurized water, parts can be formed from pre-finished materials and with little worry of cross-contamination from the die surface. The resulting part will have minimal distance between the tool and metal surface and minimal material thinning. Each FluidFormed component is highly accurate, with virtually no warping or springback.

FluidForming: A better, faster, smarter approach to metal forming.
installing solar panels on roof

Rapid prototyping paves the way.

FluidForming is enabling the future of alternative energy innovation and electric vehicle (EV) OEM development.

Industries that are grounded in innovation — like the renewable energy sector and EV manufacturing — need fast, reliable, and accurate prototyping. Mechanical, electrical, and material engineers appreciate the increased design flexibility that our rapid prototyping capabilities enable. With our flexible metal forming process and innovative technology, engineers and designers are able to innovate and iterate seamlessly.

Our technology is ideal for rapid prototyping and low- to medium volume production with the ability to mass produce. Engineers and manufacturers enjoy shorter time-to-market and the ability to innovate freely. Because our system enables the transition from CAD to 3D-printed tooling, we’re able to move from design to production in just three days.

Not only is the FormBalancer the only machine on the market that can form both sheet and tubular shapes, but the FormBalancer’s bladder-free technology virtually eliminates friction. As a result, alternative energy components that are formed with FluidForming technology are incredibly smooth and free from imperfections.

FluidForming Americas has the technology and the capabilities to produce the highest-quality metal-formed parts that conform to strict industry specifications.

Learn more about FluidForming for the alternative energy industry.