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Project Feasibility Analysis

Offering product feasibility analyses & product development services.

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Lending our manufacturing of experience and expertise — before the forming begins.

Not quite sure what would work best for your latest and greatest idea? That's where we come in. Customers leverage our technical expertise and industry knowledge to bring their best products to market.

Ready to collaborate?

Making new product development a reality.

With up to 4x the pressure used by traditional hydroforming equipment, FluidForming makes it possible to form components that were previously thought too complex to be formed from metal. Not only that, but our process features a greater strength-to-weight ratio than virtually any other metal forming process.

Our technology offers unparalleled flexibility for inventors, product developers, and engineers.

prepping metal to be formed
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Bringing new products to consumers ... faster.

Shorten the time between ideation and full-scale production with FluidForming Americas. Not only does our metal forming process save our clients many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a product launch, but with our expertise and experience, you'll see your products on the market better — and faster — than you ever dreamed possible.

The FluidForming process and the FormBalancer's bladder-free technology ensures the highest levels of surface quality and detail possible. Because pressurized water comes in contact with just one side of the metal surface, FluidForming is perfect for pre-finished materials or high-tech alloys.

Trademarks, brands, and logos can all be easily incorporated into the design of each part. Components produced using the FluidForming technology are lightweight, stable, and durable. Thanks to high forming pressures, advanced geometries and complex shapes can be readily achieved.

Although we have formed aqueous ozone hand rinsing stations, X-ray scanning enclosures, dual-purpose solar panel heat collectors, computer monitor enclosures, computer cases, EV battery enclosures, fuel cells, microchannel fuel cells, heat exchangers, and state-of-the-art medical equipment, our true strength lies in what’s yet to be created.
Come to us with your innovations and we'll turn them into a reality.