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FormBalancer Presses

Precision Metal Forming Press for Sheet Metal Forming & Rapid Prototyping


A precision press for a precision sheet metal hydroforming process.

FluidForming FormBalancers are the most accurate fluid cell metal forming machines on the market. These incredibly versatile, environmentally-friendly sheet metal presses are plant-ready and they’re designed for rapid prototyping and low- to medium-volume production.

FormBalancer sheet metal forming machines can produce rectangular and circular parts and can accommodate complex, highly detailed shapes with a 99.996% first-pass yield rate. Depending on tooling, FormBalancer metal forming machines can produce up to 10 parts per minute.

Need help finding the right metal forming machine to make parts for your business?
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Benefits of a FormBalancer metal forming machine.

  • Deep draw sheet metal forming capabilities.
  • Requires just one tool.
  • Compatible with 3D-printed tooling.
  • 50-90% reduction in tooling costs.
  • 99.996% accuracy & repeatability.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Nominal maintenance costs.
  • Minimal post-fixturing costs.
  • Bladder-free.
  • Water is the forming force.
  • Fast ideation-to-production turnaround times.
  • Ideal for low-to-moderate production runs.
  • Perfect for production-ready rapid prototyping.
  • Adjustable process forces and forming speeds.
  • Compatible with nested tooling.
  • Affordable complex part production.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy operation.
  • Force-contained design & small footprint allows for flexible floor placement.

Industries that rely on FluidForming metal forming and FormBalancer presses:

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Aerospace & Aviation

For complex parts with tight tolerances, the aerospace industry relies on FluidForming and FormBalancer presses.
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For flawless rapid prototyping and beautiful finishes, high-end appliance manufacturers trust FluidForming and FormBalancers.
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FluidForming is the go-to metal forming solution for auto makers, equipment manufacturers, and the defense industry. FormBalancer presses get the job done.