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Request For Quote

We look forward to learning more about your precision metal forming needs. To request a quote from FluidForming Americas, please provide the following information and submit the form together with a PDF drawing AND a 3D CAD file (IGS, STP, or x_t, SldWrk, NX or Catia native formats will work fine) to help us achieve a timely reply to your request.

Please email PDF drawing and CAD files to:
Contact Information
Project Information
Is this part of a family of sizes/parts?
Design Status
Design finalized: Design cannot be changed
Design nearly finalized: Adjustments for FluidForming may be necessary but otherwise ready to move to production/prototyping
Early design stage: Input from FluidForming desired and possible
Is Annealing Allowed?
Which trim methods are NOT allowed? (Select all that apply)
Parts Requirement & Target Cost

Thank you!

Your request for quote has been received. Please contact for information on submitting your PDF and CAD documents.
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