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Custom Metal Formed Home Goods & Housewares

Better manufacturing for better home goods.

A quick look around a typical American home reveals dozens of goods and products that make our day-to-day lives easier. Air conditioners, pencil sharpeners, freezers, lamps, chairs, kitchen implements, faucets, sinks, appliances, ovens . . . the list is virtually endless. Many of these housewares and home goods are fabricated entirely from sheet metal or feature components that are formed from metal alloys.

FluidForming is an alternative to hydroforming and is the perfect solution for low- to medium-volume production runs of high-quality household goods. Our innovative technology enables the production of sleek appliance lines, flawless furniture finishes, lightweight kitchen implements, and long-lasting housewares.

FluidForming’s universal sheet metal forming and tube forming machine, the FormBalancer, is a force-contained structure that permits extremely high forming pressures of up to 4,000 bar (60,000 psi). With up to 4x the pressure used by traditional hydroforming devices, detailed shapes and complex geometries can be formed with ease.

collection of home appliances

Benefits of precision metal forming for the household goods industry.

With a 99.996 first pass yield success rate, FluidForming offers the quality, accuracy, and repeatability that home goods manufacturers need.

Thanks to our high forming pressures, manufacturers experience no warping or springback, which virtually eliminates post forming fixturing and clamping. Our low tooling costs and our nested, modular die structure (many individual parts can be incorporated into a single form) minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

FluidForming: A better, faster, smarter approach to metal forming.

Cost-effective metal forming for the home.

FluidForming was developed to fill the market gap for a higher quality, more accurate, faster, intrinsically repeatable, and affordable metal forming process. Our process is perfect for the custom pieces, prototyping, and mid-range production runs that are typically seen within the housewares and home goods industry.

FluidForming offers enhanced design flexibility, vastly reduces capital costs, reduces time to market, and enables easy product branding.

Learn more about low-cost metal forming for the home goods industry.