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Jun 3, 2024

Sheet Metal Hydroforming for GREEN Manufacturing

Environmental Benefits of FluidForming Sheet Metal Hydroforming

Minimize Your Manufacturing Footprint

FluidForming Americas is committed to preserving our environment while supporting and enabling American ingenuity. We’re here for the American economy – and the environment. Proudly headquartered outside of Nashville, nestled in the rolling hills of Hartsville, Tennessee, FluidForming Americas is a green manufacturing process and technology for manufacturers across a wide range of industries.

Recently, we’ve produced parts for heat exchangers, solar installations, fans, and fuel cells – all part of the sustainable energy industry. We’ve also manufactured parts used in electric vehicles, ceiling fans, HVAC systems, and more. We’re honored to be a part of the growing sustainable manufacturing and green manufacturing community.

Historically, metal forming — especially hot stamping, forging, die casting, mega casting, and other hot forming processes — has had a terrible environmental record. Even conventional bladder-based hydroforming, which relies on petrochemicals and costly consumables, leaves a sizable carbon footprint.

FluidForming is a green manufacturing dream. The FluidForming FormBalancers uses recycled water as the forming force, nested tooling capabilities minimize material waste, and our 99.99% accuracy and repeatability rates virtually eliminate scrap from non-conforming parts.

Smart Product Development Collaboration Lowers Costs and Environmental Impact

The engineering team at FluidForming Americas works with customers to refine and optimize parts prior to production, further minimizing was while improving product performance.

Our engineering team uses finite element analysis to make sure parts form and perform the way they’re supposed to.

When you work with FluidForming Americas, you get green manufacturing and a whole lot more. We can help customers reduce time-to-market; lower overall costs; gain a competitive advantage by identifying opportunities and getting there first and doing it better; reduce fit-up, welding and secondary costs; and help you identify potential issues before the become real-life problems.

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Sustainable Manufacturing!

Environmentally-friendly Sheet Metal Hydroforming

FluidForming’s cold forming sheet metal hydroforming process is inherently green. Our precise and repeatable Six Sigma results (99.996% first-pass yield rate) demonstrate our commitment to minimal waste and part optimization.

Unlike most conventional hydroforming processes, which rely on costly and environmentally harmful hydraulic forming fluids and expendable bladders, FluidForming’s bladder-free technology relies on pure, recycled tap water as the forming force.

Environmental benefits and green manufacturing attributes of FluidForming:

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low-noise operation.
  • Recyclable water is the forming force.
  • Cold-forming process.
  • Rejected waste heat can be recovered and recycled.
  • Emission-free.
  • Reduces raw material waste.
  • Minimizes non-conforming part waste.
  • Blemish-free parts minimize the need for downstream fixturing.
  • Lower part weights improve performance.
  • Replace environmentally harmful foundry cast or plastic parts with metal.
  • Increases product lifespan and life cycle.
  • Helps companies achieve sustainability goals
  • Supports sustainable manufacturing processes.

Benefits of FluidForming
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The engineering team at FluidForming Americas is ready to help your company form your great ideas better and greener. To learn more about the FluidForming Americas value-add green manufacturing services and the FluidForming FormBalancer’s capabilities, contact FluidForming Americas at (800) 497-3545 or email us at

FluidForming Americas, Inc. is a member of the Precision Metal Forming Association and is AS9100 Rev D, ISO 9001:2015 certified. ITAR registered.