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Jan 3, 2022

Paul Benny Featured On Manufacturing Supply Chain Podcast

Manufacturing Supply Chain CEOs: "Disrupting metal forming technologies with FluidForming Americas' Paul Benny"

“As CEO of FluidForming Americas and Tennessee Spring and Metal, I work closely with business owners, CEOs, manufacturers, product designers, engineers, and inventors to manufacture the most innovative, durable, and precision-driven products in today’s marketplace,” said Paul Benny to to host of Manufacturing Supply Chain podcast, Martin Harshberger.

Learn more about:

  • How FluidForming metal forming works.
  • How FluidForming is different from metal stamping and other conventional metal forming methods.
  • How FluidForming is an environmentally friendly, sustainable metal forming process.
  • How higher forming pressures enable precision metal forming.
  • How FluidForming enables part formation from a variety of materials — metal, of course, but even wood!
  • The cost benefits of FluidForming.
  • The benefits of FluidForming for low- to medium-production runs.
  • The challenges of bringing a new metal forming technology to market.
  • How FluidForming enables new business ideas and innovation.

The Manufacturing Supply Chain podcast is a forum for CEOs to communicate and connect with their peers and with those interested in the supply chain in our post-Covid world. The podcast covers topics ranging from business challenges, to changes in the industry, to tips for pivoting and growing our industries to adjust to today’s changing manufacturing environment.

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