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Mar 30, 2022

How Fluidforming Reduces The Carbon Footprint Of Modern Appliances

Minimize Your Environmental Impact

We’re as committed to preserving our environment as we are to helping companies — like appliance manufacturers — produce premium goods. We’ve always been proud of our environmentally-friendly manufacturing process and cutting-edge technology, and we’re honored to be a part of the growing sustainable manufacturing community. Our process can help reduce the carbon footprint of modern appliances.

It’s no secret that manufacturing and metal forming — especially hot stamping, forging, and other hot forming processes — have terrible environmental records. More surprising to a lot of people, is that even traditional hydroforming leaves a pretty hefty carbon footprint. In most cases, the “hydro” refers to harmful petrochemicals, hydraulic fluids, and costly consumables.

The Secret To Minimizing The Carbon Footprint Of Modern Appliances

FluidForming hydroforming is a different process that uses an entirely new technology. FluidForming FormBalancer metal forming machines use water — recycled tapwater, in fact —  as the forming force instead of oils and hydraulic fluids. Plus, nested tooling capabilities further minimize material waste. And finally, the 99.99% accuracy and repeatability rates that the FluidForming process can achieve virtually eliminate scrap from non-conforming parts.

Talk about the Rs of sustainability! We have reduce, reuse, and recycle covered!

Environmentally-Friendly Hydroforming For Appliance Manufacturers

FluidForming’s cold forming metalworking technology is inherently green. Our precise and repeatable Six Sigma process (99.996% first-pass yield rate) minimizes waste — as we have already noted — while improving appliance fit, finish, and durability.

Ways FluidForming Can Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Water is the forming force.
  • Cold-forming process.
  • Rejected waste heat can be recovered and recycled.
  • Emission-free.
  • Reduce raw material waste.
  • Eliminate non-conforming part waste.
  • Blemish-free parts eliminate the need for downstream fixturing.
  • Replace environmentally harmful foundry cast or plastic parts with metal.
  • 4-in-1 tube forming and sheet metal forming capabilities.
  • Increased appliance lifespan and lifecycle

To reduce your carbon footprint and improve your appliance manufacturing processes, contact FluidForming Americas at (800) 497-3545 or email us at Not quite ready to invest in a press of your own? We can form appliance components for you! We’d be happy to discuss feasibility, prototyping,  and part production options with you.

FluidForming Americas, Inc. is a member of the Precision Metal Forming Association and is AS9100 Rev D, ISO 9001:2015 certified.