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Nov 26, 2018

FluidForming Americas Attends FABTECH, World's Largest Metal Forming Conference

FluidForming Americas attracts record crowds to their exhibit at FABTECH 2018

HARTSVILLE, TN — Earlier this month, record-breaking crowds flocked to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta for the 2018 FABTECH event. Crediting a rapidly-changing industry for the impressive attendance figures, the exhibition attracted more than 35,000 people and featured more than 1,500 vendors.

FluidForming Americas was proud to be one of the innovative companies sparking an interest in the exciting future of manufacturing technology. Hundreds of engineers, inventors, designers, and manufacturing executives looking to discover what’s new and what’s next in the metal forming and fabrication industry were impressed by the company’s one-of-a-kind technology and hydroforming process.

FABTECH organizers invited FluidForming Americas’ Chief Technology Officer, Jurgen Pannock, to present on an expert panel discussing alternative metal forming processes. Pannock, who holds a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Maryland, examined the joint use of 3D printing and FluidForming in the manufacturing process.

“We were grateful for the opportunity to share some of the cost-saving possibilities and the potential for innovation that FluidForming technology enables, such as rapid prototyping, tool nesting, and our unmatched first-pass yield rate,” said Pannock after the event.

In addition to Pannock’s break-out session, the company maintained a robust presence on the exhibition floor. Several remarkable components, including the company’s ingenious valve design, cost-effective heat exchanger, and lightweight exhaust manifold were showcased at the event. The company’s most striking product example, however, was a FluidFormed satellite dish which maintains a stunning 99.996% first pass yield success rate.

“There was such an incredible energy at FABTECH this year and we excited to be a part of it,” says FluidForming Americas President and CEO, Paul Benny. “FluidForming is poised to become the go-to solution for metal forming in the coming years. As the only Six Sigma metal forming process available and the implications of FluidForming on the future of the manufacturing industry are wide-ranging and profound. Ideas that were once deemed too costly, or impossible, to be formed from metal can be produced and perfected in a matter of days. Plus, unlike legacy metal forming methods, FluidForming works seamlessly with additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology.”

As the first metal forming method to fully embrace additive manufacturing and 3D printing, FluidForming Americas is well-positioned for the future. The groundbreaking technology is ideal for rapid prototyping and low- to medium volume production with the ability to mass produce. FluidForming enables companies to enjoy shorter time-to-market and lower overall cost-to-market ratios. Because the system enables the transition from CAD to 3D-printed tooling, it’s possible to move from design to production in days rather than weeks or even months.

About FluidForming Americas

Founded in Germany in 2000 and established in the United States 2014, FluidForming Americas services clients including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Miele, Sub-Zero, and other industry-leading manufacturers. FFA has a well-deserved reputation for innovation and a clear vision for the future. The company's unique approach to sheet metal forming, tube forming, and rapid prototyping represents the first major advancement in metal forming in 60 years. The FluidForming process and technology has profound implications for manufacturing, manufacturing technologies, product design, and profitability. FluidForming Americas is headquartered 50 miles northeast of Nashville, in Hartsville, Tennessee.


FABTECH is the premier event for the metal fabricating industry. Since its debut in 1981, FABTECH has grown from a regional trade show into North America's largest and most authoritative event for metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing. Only at FABTECH can you see world-class exhibits showcasing high-tech metalworking machinery, network with industry professionals and learn the latest techniques and trends from expert-led education sessions.