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Feb 24, 2021

Manufacturing News You Can Use: February 2021

Hello, friends! We've had an eye-opening year so far, filled with interesting conversations at the state and federal level about the future of American manufacturing. So we thought we'd put together a quick newsletter full of metal forming and manufacturing news and links you can use.

Our conversations with policy makers about sustainability, sustainable manufacturing, global supply chains — and what FluidForming Americas can do to help keep our factory floors humming and American ingenuity thrumming — have been illuminating.

The past 12 months have been extraordinarily hard, but we're also newly optimistic about reshoring and dual shoring initiatives  — and their potential to bring more well-paying manufacturing jobs back to America.

For more on reshoring, visit the Reshoring Initiative, read Industry Week's reshoring analysis, or check out FFJournal's February issue.

And let's just say that a renewed push for Buy American and Made in America will be met with open arms around here. Learn more about the latest Buy American policies here.

We hope you'll check out our 2021 metal forming trends and read our recent post on sustainable manufacturing and Lean manufacturing to find out how FluidForming can help manufacturers achieve sustainability goals, lower overall costs, improve efficiency, and develop better, lighter, stronger metal parts.

By all means, contact me immediately if you're ready to take advantage of the R&D Tax Credit and expand your metal forming capabilities by configuring a custom FormBalancer to suit your metal forming needs.

No matter what the future of manufacturing and metal forming may hold, all of us here at FluidForming Americas hope that you've been staying safe and warm during the longest shortest month of the year. If you'd like to join our mailing list, let us know! Send an email to

Farewell, February; and warm best to all,

— Paul

Paul Benny
CEO FluidForming Americas