FluidForming Hydroforming for Sports Equipment Manufacturing

We’re Changing the Sports Equipment Manufacturing Game

FluidForming Americas is taking gym equipment, motorsports, and sports equipment manufacturing to the next level. FluidForming, a game-changing approach to hydroforming, allows sports equipment manufacturers unprecedented levels of accuracy, performance, and durability.

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the form and function of high-quality, precision-formed sporting goods and equipment.

FormBalancer For the Win

FluidForming Americas’ universal sheet metal and tube forming machine, the FormBalancer, is a one-of-a-kind, force-contained device that accommodates extremely high forming pressures of up to 4,000 bar / 60,000 psi. With up to 4x the pressure used by traditional deep draw hydroforming devices, performance sports equipment and sporting goods can be formed with ease.

Some of the equipment and high-performing parts that are commonly formed for the sporting goods industry include ice skate blades, protective cases, helmets, powersports components, outboard motor enclosures, scopes, bicycle frames, gun cases, snowmobile exhaust manifolds, and more.

Score! Benefits of FluidForming Sporting Good and Athletic Equipment

Not only is the FormBalancer the only metal forming machine on the market that can form both sheet and tubular shapes — an incredibly useful feature within the sporting good manufacturing industry — but sports equipment manufacturers also enjoy the highest levels of part quality.

The FormBalancer’s bladder-free technology virtually eliminates friction. As a result, sporting equipment and goods formed with FluidForming technology are incredibly smooth and free from imperfections. Which means FluidForming equipment looks as good as it performs.

Compared to other draw-forming metal forming methods, which rely on die sets to stretch the material into shape, the FluidForming process also minimizes material thinning. During the forming process, an extremely high degree of uniform pressure is exerted on the metal sheet which means that complex geometries that were once considered impossible (or cost prohibitive) are now feasible.

Excellence in Sports Equipment Manufacturing

FluidForming is a reinvention of hydroforming. We’re helping professional, amateur, and recreational athletes perform at the highest levels. Investors, product designers, and engineers can bring new sporting equipment and sporting goods to the market faster with our cost-effective approach to rapid prototyping.

With a 99.996% first-pass yield success rate, FluidForming delivers the quality, accuracy, and precision that the sporting goods industry requires. Thanks to our high forming pressures, manufacturers experience no warping or springback, which virtually eliminates post-forming fixturing and clamping. Our low tooling costs and our nested, modular die structure minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

Enjoy faster prototyping, quicker production times, and high-performing athletic equipment with FluidForming.

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