FluidForming: Redefining Rapid Prototyping

FluidForming’s industry-changing approach to metal forming is changing the way CEOs and COOs execute long-range strategic plans, opening up the path for future product development. With rapid prototyping, we’re paving way for product engineers conceptualize new and innovative devices, giving them the space to think big. In short, we’re the changing the way America thinks about manufacturing.

Idea to Metal Prototype in 3 Days

FluidForming is the ideal solution for product development, rapid prototyping, and low-volume fabrication. Companies that utilize the FluidForming technology benefit from vastly reduced lead times and low tooling costs which results in fast product development cycles. With FluidForming, 3D print tooling can be integrated, making it possible to move from ideation to CAD to production in days, rather than months.

Enjoy flexibility in prototyping with FluidForming. Move seamlessly from idea to concept to CAD. Iterate as you work, optimize as necessary, and begin production immediately!

The FluidForming Tooling Advantage

Our cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to tooling helps companies dramatically reduce both time-to-market and cost-to-market equations. Thanks to our bladder-free technology, FluidForming is compatible with inexpensive and easily-produced plastic, composite, and 3D-printed tools. We can produce new parts and iterate quickly. Other cost savings and time-to-market tooling advantages include:

  • Prototyping tools can become the manufacturing tool
  • Tool nesting minimizes tool size and cost
  • Waste minimization
  • Efficient part integration
  • 3D printed and composite tools can be utilized
  • Low- to no-cost maintenance tooling with virtually unlimited tool life
  • No contamination of water-facing part surfaces
  • Minimal surface friction
  • Pre-finished, polished, and pre-painted surfaces can be formed
  • Same tool can be used on many materials including titanium, stainless steel,
  • copper, aluminum, and high-tech alloys.

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