Minimizing Your Environmental Impact with FluidForming

FluidForming Americas is as committed to the environmental impact as we are to innovation. Our approach to metal forming marks the first significant change to the manufacturing process in more than 60 years. That’s innovation. We work with our clients to create new and better equipment, in the shortest time possible. That’s innovation. The fluid that’s at the core of all FluidForming? Water. That’s environmental innovation.

Sustainable Hydroforming Innovation

Unlike legacy die casting or hydroforming, FluidForming technology is inherently green. In stark contrast to conventional hydroforming, which relies on costly and environmentally harmful hydraulic oil, the FluidForming technology relies on recycled tap water. Other environmental benefits include:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise operation
  • Overall material waste reduction
  • Lower part weights
  • Can replace environmentally harmful foundry cast or plastic parts with metal
  • Rejected waste heat can be recovered and recycled

The Advantages Of Fluidforming