FluidForming for Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Hydroforming

FluidForming is a better, faster and more cost-effective approach to sheet metal forming. For industries that require highly complex and precision-formed parts, like the aerospace industry, FluidForming provides a game-changing alternative to traditional hydroforming. We’ve formed parts for aerospace pioneers like Airbus, Blue Origin  Bell Helicopter, and Lufthansa.

FluidForming’s universal sheet metal and tube forming machine, the FormBalancer, is a force-contained structure that permits extremely high forming pressures of up to 400 mPA/60,000 psi. With up to 4x the pressure used by traditional hydroforming devices, highly complex parts which can be formed with ease. In fact, in many instances, previously cost-prohibitive designs once molded in plastic or, machined from block steels can now be formed using strong, lightweight metals that are ideal for aerospace applications.

Each and every facet of the forming process, from blank design to material flow to clamping pressure and volume of water, is variable and controlled. This level of control means that parts formed with FluidForming technology are of the highest quality possible.

Benefits of FluidForming for the Aerospace Industry

Because only a single die is needed, costs are contained and wrinkle-free and complex geometrical shapes can be formed with minimal material thinning. FluidForming ensures that the sheet thickness is uniformly distributed and that each part formed demonstrates a high dimensional accuracy. FluidForming is capable of forming metals from 1.01mm to 6 mm in thickness.

Additionally, multiple parts can be formed simultaneously, which minimizes costs and material waste.

Advantages of Fluid Forming

Rapid Aerospace Prototyping

Aerospace research and development teams trust the FluidForming technology for their rapid prototyping needs. We enable innovation by smoothing the transition from CAD to 3D-printed tooling so that aerospace engineers can move from design to production in days rather than weeks or even months.

Hydroforming With Specialty Metals and Materials

Again, thanks to our high forming pressures, the FluidForming technology and process is perfect for titanium, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel alloy, and other modern high-tech alloys. Some parts that are commonly hydroformed for the aerospace industry include pressurized containers, chassis covers, heat shields, OEM parts, and safety equipment.

FluidForming Americas, Inc. is AS9100 Rev. C certified. We are committed to the formation of high-quality, reliable parts for the aerospace industry.

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