What is Fluid Forming?

Fluid Forming is an entirely new and enabling process/technology for the design and formation of metal from 0.004” (1 mm) to more than 0.200” (5 mm) in thickness. Employing water (pressures up to 60,000 psi / 4000 bar) as the force to form, this process; enables innovative design, produces (economically) parts which could not previously be formed of metal and is exceptionally cost effective for short run needs and prototyping (less than 50,000 annual). With positive implications for the Engineer/Designer, Marketing/Sales/Branding, we also offer the Operations and Financial professionals within your organization a host of features and benefits unequaled by current legacy technologies e.g.:

Innovative and Elegant Design Forms, Textures & Product Branding

FluidForming: Enables Innovative Product Design thru the use of Organic and Geometric shapes which may incorporate the use of Textured and Pre-finished materials, all of which can be cost effectively integrated into each part/product. Trademarks, Brands, and Logos can all be easily incorporated into each part design.

Reduced Product Development Cost/Time

FluidForming: Enables a Timely and Cost Effective development/prototyping process. Functional modeling, simulation, verification of design, tooling and manufacturing can be completed in short order. Thus the process of design concept thru part manufacturing can also be completed quickly and with little risk, and significantly lower costs when compared to legacy processes and the attendant risks of process incompatibilities.

Reduction in Capital Investments & TOC (Total Cost of Ownership)

Fluidforming: Significantly reduces initial Asset Acquistion Cost of; Dies, Tooling, and Fixturing costs for metal forms. Ongoing need for tooling repair and maintenance is also greatly reduced and total life is extended due to reduced stress on formed part and thus tooling. TOC is greatly improved.

Affordable Prototyping and Short Run production

FluidForming: Makes possible cost effective short run production and prototyping of parts.

Manufacturing Precision, Accuracy & Repeatability

FluidForming: Brings “Repeatability of Process” to metal forming. The FF process; ensures consistent, high quality parts production with First Pass Yield results of 99.996%, thus eliminating “re-work”, parts non-conformance;, reducing scrap and ensuring consistent parts “fit-up”.

Elimination of Parts Contamination

FluidForming: Eliminates parts cross-contamination as one side of the part comes into contact with water ONLY.

Part/Assembly Weight Reduction and Durability

FluidForming: Enables the use of light weight metals in lieu of castings, forgings, overly complex forms and plastics. Material overcompensation for “thinning”, internal stresses and “spring-back” are virtually eliminated. Expensive and environmentally stressful castings can be eliminated.

Improved Product Performance, Enhanced Reliablility

FluidForming: Enables the use of thinner materials, tighter radii, more intricate designs and part “nesting”. Better design and consistent part fit-up increase efficiency and improve transfer performance.

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