Tube Hydroforming With FluidForming

The FluidForming FormBalancer is the only hydroforming machine that can perform both sheet metal forming and tube forming functions. With a simple adaptation, convert your FluidForming equipment from deep draw sheet metal forming to high-pressure tube forming.

FluidForming Tube Forming Process

First, insert the tube into the FormBalancer. Then, seal tube ends and fill with water. The pressurized water flows into the tube which then expands to fit the desired form. Thanks to the unique design of the FormBalancer, tube material can be force-fed into the die cavity, essentially “adding” material to the formed part which increases wall thickness and strength. The FluidForming approach to tube forming enables even greater design flexibility.

Common Tube Hydroforming Applications

  • Automotive exhaust components
  • Chassis
  • Appliance handles
  • Bicycle frame components
  • Plumbing components
  • Medical equipment

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