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Tube Forming

The FormBalancer

All-in-one tube forming & metal forming machine.

With a simple modification, the FormBalancer can be transformed from a precision sheet metal forming machine into a powerful tube forming machine.

FormBalancers are the only metal forming machine that can form parts from sheet metal and perform tube forming functions. In one machine! With a simple adaptation, any FormBalancer can be converted from precision fluid cell sheet metal forming to high-pressure tube forming.

  • Two machines for the price of one.
  • Increased manufacturing flexibility.
  • Tube forming pressures up to 60,000 psi.
  • Ability to add material during forming enables design flexibility & creativity.
  • Force-contained tube forming machine.
  • Structural reinforcements are unnecessary.
  • Low maintenance, low overall ownership costs.
Looking for an all-purpose tube forming and metal forming machine?
The process

FluidForming tube forming.

Simply place the tube forming module and tube dies into the FormBalancer and insert the tube into the machine. Seal tube ends and fill with water. Highly pressurized water flows into the tube, which then expands to fit the desired form. It’s a 360-degree forming process.

Thanks to the unique design of the FormBalancer, tube material can be force-fed into the die cavity as the tube is being formed, essentially “adding” material to the formed part which maximizes tube use and enables designers to develop complex parts with interesting shapes. The FluidForming approach to tube forming enables even greater design flexibility.

Tube hydroforming benefits.

Tube hydroforming — or tube FluidForming, in this instance — is an increasingly popular method of forming lightweight, structurally superior tubular components.

Our unique tube forming process is ideal for smaller runs and manufacturing custom shapes such as high-end fixtures, designer appliance handles, intricate medical equipment, or precision automotive or aerospace components. It’s a more cost effective — and accurate — tube forming process.

When manufacturers use the FluidForming technology for their tube forming needs, they’ll reduce component weight, improve tube strength, minimize joints, and improve structural strength and integrity.

Own the most versatile metal forming machine on the market.

Applications for FluidForming’s FormBalancer precision hydroforming presses:

aviation icon

Aerospace & Aviation

For strong, lightweight tube components, the aerospace and automotive industries rely on FluidForming FormBalancers.
appliance icon


From custom fixtures to stunning contours to flawless finishes, high-end appliance manufacturers trust the FormBalancer.
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Medial Equipment

FluidForming tube forming provides accurate metal forming solutions for medical equipment and industrial applications.