Sustainability – Innovation – Commitment

Three simple words describe the Fluid Forming Americas focus on reducing harmful impacts on the environment. Our commitment is clear. We demonstrate it first and foremost in how we conduct business.

 Innovation …

Continuous improvement is engrained in our culture and is the foundation that supports innovation. Fluid Forming Americas designs products that save energy, but we also focus on the materials and processes used in our products. Innovation in product design, sourcing, transportation, operating energy, recycle-ability and reusability are at the forefront of our strategies to provide products that are good for people and for the environment.

 Innovative Products …

We help our customers focus on innovations that have impact. Our products have a rich history of focusing on solutions that provide real energy reductions.

 Innovative Packaging Solutions …

Our innovations don’t stop with the product itself.

 Commitment …

While others talk about commitment, Fluid Forming Americas demonstrates it with our actions.

Our commitment is three-fold:

  • Commitment to our customers
  • Commitment to our people
  • Commitment to our industry