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January 2022
Metal Forming Goals: Weight Loss tips

November 2021
FFA Expands Services

October 2021
Spooky Good Metal Forming

August 2021
FABTECH 2021: We’re showcasing the capabilities of our 4-in-1 FormBalancer precision hydroforming machine at FABTECH 2021 on September 13-16 in Chicago. Also, download a free Buyer’s Guide

July 2021
12 Things to Consider When Buying a Metal Forming Machine: It’s a MAJOR investment, so knowing what to consider when buying a metal forming machine is critical. We hope this guide will help your team find the metal forming machine that will serve your company as well in 25 years as it does today.

June 2021
R&D Tax Credit: The R&D Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar tax savings that directly reduces your company’s tax liability. There is no limit to the amount of expenses and credit that you can claim each year.

March 2021
Hydroforming Reinvented for a Brighter Manufacturing Future: FluidForming is a hydroforming company for the 21st Century. We’re here to help manufacturers gain a competitive advantage and find openings in highly competitive markets. We enable our customers to improve existing products and get new products to market faster while cutting overall production costs. Learn more about the business advantages and benefits of FluidForming.

February 2021
Sustainable Manufacturing: The past 12 months have been extraordinarily hard, but based on conversations we’ve had with policy makers, we’re newly optimistic about reshoring and dual shoring initiatives — and the potential to bring more well-paying manufacturing jobs back to America.

January 2021
2021 Metal Forming Trends: Resilience and fortitude define America and American manufacturing. After combing through economic outlook reports, research papers, and checking in with colleagues in the manufacturing and metal forming industry, it’s our sincere hope that with forethought and ingenuity, the outlook for 2021 is promising. Get the repot.

November 2020
Tube Forming: It’s True. The FluidForming FormBalancer is the only metal forming press on the market today that forms components from sheet metal and tubes

October 2020
No Tricks, Just Treats! See the FormBalancer in Action!: Top 5 Benefits of a FluidForming FormBalancer Metal Forming Machine.

September 2020
Appliance Prototyping: FluidForming Americas (FFA) was approached by the world’s leading kitchen appliance manufacturer to help with the development of a high-performing kitchen appliance. We provided expert FEA analysis, part simulation, and prototyping.

7 Reasons to Use the R&D Tax Credit on a New FormBalancer: Reason #1: It’s the smart thing to do.The R&D Tax Credits can cover monthly payments and may even cover an outright purchase. An investment in better, faster equipment is always a smart move

July 2020
Disadvantages of Die Stamping: #1 Poor Accuracy and Repeatability.

June 2020
Benefits of Finite Element Analysis:Did you know that FluidForming Americas offers FEA part simulation and modeling? Well, we do!

April 2020
How FluidForming is Changing Product Design

Precision Ventilator Parts and Medical Devices: Rapid Manufacturing to Fight COVID-19

March 2020
A letter from our CEO regarding COVID-19

FluidForming Americas Featured in FFJournal

February 2020
12 Ways FluidForming Saves Costs

Top 10 Quality Advantages of FluidForming

December 2020
Precision Metal Forming Resolutions for 2020