About FluidForming Americas
A Precision-Driven Hydroforming Company

Hydroforming company for the 21st century

FluidForming Americas was established in the United States in 2014. Located in Hartsville, Tennessee — just 50 miles northeast of Nashville — FluidForming Americas is a hydroforming company that provides North American manufacturers with innovative, precision-driven parts and sustainable metal forming solutions.

We’re a hydroforming company that’s energized by ingenuity, motivated by efficiency, and inspired by our customers.

FluidForming Americas enables manufacturers, product development teams, engineers, and inventors to dream the impossible and form the improbable.

Our bladder-free, single-die presses reliably achieve a 99.99% first-pass yield rate and require minimal post-production fixturing. FluidForming’s sustainable manufacturing process enables innovative product design and complex part production at the lowest price point possible.

Contact us to learn more about our precision metal forming process and how FluidForming hydroforming makes it possible to bring new product and better components to market faster and cost-effectively.

FormBalancer metal forming and tube forming presses

FluidForming Americas also offers manufacturers and metal forming companies quality metal forming presses for complex part production. FluidForming Americas can provide a full range of customizable FormBalancer metal forming machines to suit a number of different manufacturing applications.

All FormBalancer presses are configured to meet your manufacturing needs.

Enjoy unparalleled production flexibility — our bladder-free metal forming machines are universal sheet metal and tube forming presses. FluidForming’s FormBalancers are compact, force-contained, computer-controlled, semi-automated, and network-connected metal forming presses.

We’re hydroforming reinvented

We’re not your standard hydroforming company or press manufacturer. Representing the first significant innovation in metal forming in more than 60 years, FluidForming technology is expanding the boundaries of traditional manufacturing processes.

Precision-driven clients including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Miele, and Sub-Zero rely on FluidForming for product development, prototyping, and precision manufacturing.

FluidForming Americas has a well-deserved reputation for innovation and a clear vision for the future. Our unique approach to sheet metal forming, tube forming, and rapid prototyping has profound implications on product design and profitability.

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